Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Oh, Hey..

I started writing my blog in April 2017 when I was laid up off work (for a 6 whole months in the end) with a severely dislocated knee. I was very bored as you can imagine and I needed something to focus my efforts on. I was in such a state physically but I found the motivation to crawl/hop/drag myself away from the prescribed bed-rest to do outfit shots, candids, flatlays the lot. This made me realise blogging was something I was truly passionate about because I'm usually a little bit lazy and will procrastinate the crap out of even the most basic of tasks.

After four months of physiotherapy sessions and then an operation, that took me out for another two months, I had a lot of time on my hands. I just got on with it and enjoyed my long stint off work. I also became a bit of a pro on crutches in the process, although I'm not sure if I looked like a pro or a baby elephant trying to fit it's legs to be honest. I quite literally used to chuck my crutches out of shot and pretend everything was hunky dory, I would then be stranded until whoever I was with would kindly reunite me with them.

Blogging quickly turned into one of my favourite things to do and after spending day in day out chipping away at it I was lucky enough to be given some amazing opportunities that never would've happened if it wasn't for this little space on the internet. When Autumn came around a few life things got in the way. I coped with my physical injury really well but I just couldn't cope with what life was throwing at me at the time, I will probably touch on those things and give a full explanation as to why I disappeared off the face of the earth when I'm ready but everything is still a bit raw and I'm only just finding my feet again so I'm not quite ready just yet.

During this time I set all of my posts to draft. My boyfriend had to persuade me not to delete my blog completely (and every other social media for that matter) and take a bit of time off instead. After taking the best part of 3 months off the Internet I'm back and I'm ready to pick up my blog from where I left off. This time round I have a bit of a new look and a brand new Olympus Pen in hand, what more motivation could I want?!

I have changed my blog name from 'The Alice Edit' to 'Alice Lyndon Till' and I've got a fresh new design (s/o to Kotryna Bass) so I'm ready to go. My design will change again over the next few months but this is a little starting point for now. I also have the best part of 5 weeks off work (thanks to my backlogged holiday when I was off sick woohoo!!) and a really exciting trip to Cape Verde to look forward to this month (a Summer Holiday I had planned in my head before my knee was like 'nah not happening gal!')

Watch this space for loads of exciting new content. I've also had a lot of time to reflect and think about what kind of content I want to create but I'm sure I will still look back and cringe at myself a few years down the line no matter how much I think I know what direction I'm going in (or how much I think I know how to pose for an outfit shot for that matter!) But that's all part of the fun I guess! My blog will be forever changing and growing with me but I promise I won't delete all my posts this time. It will be nice to have something to look back on for years to come, starting from now ,the 1st of March 2018 (not sure where time has gone but anywhoo!)

I am going to try and post 3 times a week, I would love to do daily blogging but life has been known to throw curve balls my way and I don't want to put too much pressure on myself to be a content creating machine. I'm going to try to juggle working very unpredictable full time hours on a part time contract (as well as getting the gym in and making room for a bit of a social life too, you get the jist) but I'm determined to make it work the best I can! I get two days off a week that are never the same days so I will see what I can do even if it means early mornings (which I'm not the best at for the record) or late nights to fit it in. Maybe I can try Blogmas in December or something else once the blogging ball gets rolling again, who knows?!

A new post on here should be following shortly in the next couple of days or so. I am a bit of a self confessed Instagram addict (although the algorithm seems to really have it in for me at the moment!) If you do fancy checking out my account I upload all the time to both my feed and behind the scenes on my story (aka the things that don't quite make the cut but I still wanna share!) If you did want to drop me a follow I'm over at @alice__till.

Thanks for reading, until next time
A x


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