Thursday, 29 March 2018


I was kindly sent the 'Hallelujah Hair Oil' from Forest & Shore to try out. Forest & Shore is a newly launched natural, 100% organic and cruelty free skin/ haircare brand made in England. My hair has been a bit of an unmanageable frizzy mess throughout the Summer so this couldn't have arrived at a better time. I have tried a multitude of different hair oils over the years without really getting anywhere so I was excited to see if this new product would tick all the boxes and sort my unruly hair out once and for all and it did just that. 

The product contains a blend of Olive, Sesame, Coconut, Arnica, Rosemary & Lavender essential oils. The hair oil is free from any harsh chemicals meaning it is high quality, natural & effective and made only from nature. The packaging is beautifully designed and the product comes in a glass bottle with a pipette to dispense. I don't know what it is but I'm a bit of a sucker for a pipette and it's also super handy to make sure you use exactly the right amount of product without going overboard. 

The hair oil can be used in two ways which is something that really intrigued me. Primarily it can be used after you've washed your hair by dispensing 2-5 drops into the palm of your hands and then evenly applying it to the mid lengths and ends of your towel dried hair. You can then brush your hair through with a wide-tooth comb, dry and style as normal. You can also use it as an Intense Hair Reboot Treatment. You can do this by dispensing 2-3 full pipettes and then massaging it into the scalp, mid lengths and the ends of your hair. You can then go ahead and brush your hair through with a wide-tooth comb, get some sleep and wash it out the following day. 

I was very impressed with both the regular use and the overnight treatment of this hair oil. There was also absolutely no build up after leaving the product in overnight and it washed out really easily the next morning without leaving my hair looking greasy or weighed down. 

This oil not only works wonders on my hair but it smells incredible too, there is something very relaxing about the combination of rosemary & lavender. My hair definitely put this product through it's paces, I put my hands up and admit I probably use way too much heat on my hair for my own good but I have definitely noticed my hair is a lot easier to style and it is a lot less damaged and frazzled at the ends than it was.

All of the ingredients in this product are natural & organic which means this oil is the most effective in restoring damaged hair. The penetrating oils are said to work deep into the hair shaft repairing broken, brittle hair & smoothing the follicles leaving you with silky, conditioned hair. I really like how each ingredient in this hair oil has been carefully selected because of the different benefits that come with it, all of which I can most definitely vouch for.  

ORGANIC COCONUT OIL - A hydrating, nourishing oil that is easily absorbed into the hair. Coconut oil keeps the hair proteins locked in to encourage strong, healthy hair growth which is pretty amazing in itself.

ORGANIC SESAME OIL- A highly penetrating oil working from the inside out, protecting your hair from damaging heat & UV rays. This is pretty good because it not only protects your hair from your straighteners but everyday damage from the sun too. 

ORGANIC OLIVE OIL- Rich in vitamin A, E and antioxidants, which protects the keratin, sealing in moisture. It is also an essential ingredient for those who suffer with frizzy, brittle hair. Since using this product my halo of frizz that can sometimes appear on super humid days has pretty much disappeared and the ends of my hair have become so much stronger than they once were. 

ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL- Contains omega 9, an important fatty acid to stop breakage and help hair growth. It also adds shine and leaves your hair feeling silky soft. I've very much noticed the shine, the silky softness of my hair and the strength of the ends of my hair increase significantly. 

ORGANIC ARNICA EXTRACT- This has great rejuvenating properties for the scalp which helps combat dandruff and itchiness. It also stimulates and strengthens the hair follicles and prevents any early hair loss which is amazing. In the past I've found a combination of shampoo, conditioner and hair oil can really irritate my scalp but this hair oil is so gentle and even when I left it on as a hair mask overnight there was no discomfort of irritation there at all. 

Overall I was super impressed with this product, it was exactly what I needed to sort my hair out and I will definitely be purchasing this oil in the future. I've noticed a significant change in the texture and the condition of my hair after years of struggling to find the right hair oil for me. A little goes a long way and you get so much product which will last me for quite a while. I also think this hair oil would be ideal to take on holiday to protect your hair from the UV rays & the chlorine. You also can't beat the quality of the ingredients and the company's ethics. I love the fact Forest & Shore are organic & cruelty free as well as being made in England.

Hallelujah Hair Oil is available from Amazon for £10.99 here.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Emily @ Forest & Shore for giving me the opportunity to try this hair oil out. I can't wait to see what other products Forest & Shore launch in the future. 

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A x 

Friday, 9 March 2018


Abbott Lyon are a super chic British Watch, Jewellery & Accessory Company based in Bath. They sell the most gorgeous minimalistic timeless pieces and I am a little bit obsessed with them. Back in February I was contacted out of the blue by them on Instagram to say I had been selected as their winner from their 'Picture Of the Week' feature with the prize being £100 to spend on their website. Needless to say this absolutely made my day/week/month probably my year too and I couldn't wait to have a browse on their website, heading straight to the 'New In' section.



The first watch that caught my eye was one from their new collection the 'Mocha Chain Stellar 40'. It is so chic, so timeless and so elegant and it has the most perfect rose gold accents running through it. This watch definitely ticks all the boxes for the qualities I tend to look for. I picked up a gift set bundle, which I think a relatively new addition to the website, therefore it came with a Mocha T-Bar Bangle too which I wear on my alternate wrist.

This watch is unisex which is great and it arrived super quickly in a really nice gift box. I own the 'Rose Gold Chain Stellar 40' already which I featured in my Instagram post, I've been wearing it for months and I have received so many compliments about it which is always nice. Something I also love about this brand is that the watch straps are interchangeable so you can switch up your look easily without having to invest in another watch.

I love how well the bangle coordinates with the watch. It is little bit tricky to get on and off (maybe I just have chunky wrists) but looks super cute when it's on. I haven't come across any other watches in this colour on the market (as of yet) but this colour would look really nice paired with rose gold accessories as well as the other items in the Mocha range. I also have my eye on the Mella range, Mella is a Spanish word for dent and these watches have the most beautiful hammered watch faces. If you're looking for a new watch I definitely recommend checking them out as they do it on the mocha shade too (linked here!)

Abbott Lyon run some amazing promotions from time to time, you can also get a 10% discount if you sign up to their mailing list and Unidays always have codes if you have access to that. A.L currently have an offer on at the moment on their website, if you spend over £100 you get 20% off with the code 'GET20'. I also recommend you check Instagram before you make a purchase too because they post discount codes on there regularly as well.

If you are interested in picking a watch up and you are a student I recommend checking Unidays at the time of the year where the student loans drop (September, January, April) I picked my first watch up back in April for 25% off and when you're spending over £100 on something it brings the price down quite significantly.

The straps are adjustable although I'm not the best at it and I was lucky enough that my watch was a perfect fit when it arrived so I didn't have to faff. The last one I ordered was so tight and I didn't realise I could loosen it until the point where it was starting to cut off my circulation in the day and I decided enough was enough but just a heads up you can adjust it. Abbott Lyon also offer and engraving service which would make for the perfect gift for yourself or somebody else, your initials just make it that extra bit special & it would be a lovely thing to pass down in years to come.

Abbott Lyon watches are available directly through their website and they are now stocked in John Lewis too which is really helpful to get an idea of what your watch is going to look like before you buy although I must say the pictures on the website are pretty spot on.

I hope this post has been of some interest, I am absolutely thrilled with my watch.
I also just wanted to say a huge thank you to Abbott Lyon for gifting me such a generous voucher, they really are the best.

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A x

Monday, 5 March 2018


On Friday my boyfriend & I braved the 'Beast From The East' (probably rather irresponsibly) to go and grab some brunch at my favourite coffee house in Leamington Spa 'Coffee Architects.' 

It was that cold my boyfriend's car actually had its very own icicles and I'd never seen anything like it before. Needless to say I'm definitely not all about that -7 life. I thought I would upload a little photo diary post with what I wore, what I ate & some pictures of the interior in Coffee Architects because it is pretty spot on. 








I wanted to wear some fresh new Nikes but my mum insisted that it was the worst idea ever so don't judge my shabby, dirty Nikes too harshly (but she was definitely very right!)

After this day my boyfriend and I decided we needed to invest in some proper footwear for this weather. It may be March and heading towards Spring (although it doesn't feel like it) but we are forever getting caught out in crappy weather and using an excuse of it being a one off, which is definitely not the case in the UK. My boyfriend got himself some really nice Timberlands (now I want some) and I ordered some of the cutest Hunter Boots you ever did see. I know I will want to wear them all the time on rainy days, snowy days, to festivals and on beach walks rain or shine. I will be doing an unboxing on my new wellies in the very near future.

Before I get carried away I'm going to insert some pictures from the beaut that is 'Coffee Architects'



Thanks for reading!

Until next time,
A x 
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