Thursday, 7 June 2018


I have wanted a Gucci belt for such a long time and I've been umming and ahhing about getting one for at least two years. On Thursday I went to London (VLOG coming soon!) and I finally got one. I figured that the amount of time I have been thinking about it meant I really wanted it and all the time I've been wasting wanting it I could have been wearing it. Now I know £320 is really expensive for a belt but with things like this you have to think about cost per wear and I'm almost definitely going to be wearing it for years to come.

I thought to myself that if I didn't buy it on this shopping trip I probably would've frittered the £320 on lots of cheaper bits away sooner or later anyway and then I would've regretted it. I'm just not going to go crazy for the rest of my month on other items. I'm absolutely obsessed with this belt, It can make any outfit just pop and I'm super into gold hardware at the moment too. I was so surprised at how heavy it is in real life, you could seriously knock someone out with it.

I went to the Gucci on Old Bond Street which is the flagship store, we did look for the one in Knightsbridge but we think it's closed for renovations. I picked up the size 95 which is equivalent to a size 10. I had no idea where to start with sizes so instead of taking a wild guess online I thought it was best to just go in and ask. I was a bit nervous about going in but after leaving the store I just loved Gucci as a brand even more. I cant wait to go back and make some more purchases in the future.

After seeing so many people being in between sizes in Youtube Videos I was quite surprised that my belt fitted me on the waist (great for dresses) and in the loops on my jeans too. If you do have the problem where it doesn't fit quite right I have been told that you can take it to the Gucci in Harrods and they can punch an extra hole in it which will sort the problem out.



I have decided to start investing in some designer pieces. I'm trying to be a little bit more mindful in places like Primark where I can get so carried away and easily spend a fortune every time I go in. Yes I still love Primark and it's amazing for nailing trend pieces, essentials and holiday clothes, but in general I'm going to think about my wardrobe a little bit more and what I want in it, not just buy for the sake of buying. I'm going to spend a bit less in one trip so I can incorporate some designer pieces into my wardrobe as well and have the best of both worlds.

I've made some rules for myself before I buy something new. I'm going to ask myself if I really love it, if it will actually last, if I'll actually wear it (or if it will just be taking up space in my wardrobe) and if it will flatter my body shape. If the answer to any of these questions is a no I'm not buying it.

Equally if I misjudge it and buy something and haven't worn it and I've left the tags on for more than couple of weeks I'm going to take it back because I probably will never get round to wearing it and I can't like it that much. I either wear something to death or don't wear it at all, there is no in-between with me.

I also want to start shopping with complete outfits in mind too and think about how I can style things with existing pieces I already own. I'm also going to outfit plan and play around with different looks and reinvent different pieces too taking pictures of potential outfits so I can look back at this for those 'I have nothing to wear' moments.

Doing a lot of style blogging does mean shopping the 'New In' section keeps things current and fresh but I can't do this every time so I will have to compromise and link similar items otherwise all of my money will be gone just like that. I have also got a list on my phone of things I actually want/need in my wardrobe and if I go to make an impulse purchase I can refer back to that too and think about if it's actually worth it in the long run.

I want to keep in mind the quality of the fabric a bit more too. I eventually want to have a capsule wardrobe for all year round but just a little bit less limited so I can have room for new additions and I can update it with new pieces when the seasons change.

I'm now eyeing up the rest of the Gucci belt collection but I've really want a couple of pairs of their trainers, a bag and possibly even a t-shirt before I buy another one. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to take pictures/ film footage in Gucci so I kept it quite low key. I might do a little designer wish list post soon. I'm doing a lot of hours at work at the moment (for now!) so I may as well treat myself and put some money aside while I don't really have any responsibilities, work hard play hard and all that.

No doubt you'll see no end of this belt on my Instagram & on here in my outfit posts. I'm also going to do a '10 ways to style' post which I am super excited to put together so stay tuned if you would like to see that! 

Thank you for reading
Until next time,
A x


  1. First time reader and I loved this post! I have himmed and hawwed about getting a Gucci belt myself for the last few years, and after reading your comment "I really wanted it and all the time I've been wasting wanting it I could have been wearing it." has really struck a chord with me. You are absolutely right and cost-per-wear is so important too. Thanks for opening my eyes to how silly I've been Alice!! S'cuse me whilst I pop to my nearest Gucci!

    I'll be back for your future blog posts :-)

    Rebecca |

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