Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Getting My First Tattoo

At the start of August I got my first tattoo done and I went for a simple floral design on my ribs.

When I decided I wanted to get inked I created a Pinterest Board pinning all the tattoos and illustrations I liked the look of. I showed a few images to my tattoo artist and he designed this.

I did sit on the idea of what I wanted done for a few months just because I am a little bit indecisive and I wanted to be sure because "it's going to be on you for the rest of your life" and all that jazz I've been told 100 x over.

I can't say this tattoo has some meaningful reason behind it but I am really happy with how it turned out. I wanted something quite hidden which is why I went for my ribs but I think it will look quite cute when I get it out on holiday. I went for my left side after changing my mind so many times on what would be 'the best side' to get it done on.

In regards to pain I was quite honestly expecting the worse, especially with it being on my side but it just felt like an annoying scratch. I think it was a lot less painful because it's fine line but then again everyone's pain thresholds are different so you won't really know until you get one done. It didn't take very long either and I would say it took between 20 mins & half an hour. Price wise it cost me £40 which is super reasonable, most tattoo artists charge by the hour.

I went to Royal Ink in Leamington Spa and got this done by Thomas Cardiff and I cannot recommend him enough.

I think it still needs to heal properly but I thought I would upload it on here anyway. Aftercare wise I haven't soaked it in the bath or been swimming yet. I've also been moisturising with Vaseline Aloe Sooth or Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser every time I come out of the shower.

Thank you for reading.
A x

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