Tuesday, 4 December 2018

the christmas gift edit: BENEFIT'S MAGICAL BROW STARS

Benefit have always been my go to brand for brow products so when I spotted this 'Magical Brow Stars' set in boots I had to snap it up. With gift sets like this you usually get minis but these brow products are all full size. It cost £49.50 but it is worth £118 and these products will last absolutely ages. This set is perfect for this time of the year making the perfect Christmas gift for someone (if not yourself!)

I've used Brow Zings and Benefit's Brow Bar for ages but this set features so many of their newer releases and I couldn't wait to try them out. Shade wise this kit is number 3 'medium' which I think is pretty perfect for blondes, redheads and people with lighter brown hair. They also have a shade 5 available which is 'deep' and better for darker hair colours. I used to like my brows quite dark but I've been doing them lighter recently and this set can work for both depending of how much you build the colour up. 

This brow powder is a really cool idea, you apply this powder with the lighter shade from the start to the arch of your brows and the deeper shade from the arch to the tail end. It mimics the soft and gradual look of natural brows and I absolutely love it. I have made the mistake many times over the years of going too dark especially at the start of my brows but you literally can't go wrong with this product. It's super compact and comes with a blending sponge, a spoolie brush & a mirror which makes it perfect for use on the go. The powder is super velvety and it lasts all day too which is great, once I've done my brows I really don't want to have to keep topping them up!

Ka- Brow is a cream-gel and it has such a nice consistency and colour pay off. I've used this before and I loved it. This product is super compact and it also has a built in brush which is super easy to use. I would say once you've opened it it's best to use it as your everyday GO-TO. When I last tried it it dried up towards the end which is the only down fall but if you use it pretty much everyday you shouldn't have too much of an issue. Overall I really like pomade products because they are super easy to build up or keep looking natural depending on the look you're going for.

This brow pencil is amazing, you can achieve super natural yet defined looking brows from a few strokes. It's so simple to use and you are essentially adding hair like strokes which makes your brows look so much fuller which makes a huge difference. Benefit say to go in the direction of your brow hairs starting at the base using hair like flicks when applying and then blend with the spoolie. This brow pencil requires no sharpening as it's a twist up product which is always super handy. The tip is quite delicate though so you do have to be careful not to snap it off as it would waste so much product!

This brow product is also a pencil but it's wider and slanted unlike 'Precisely, My Brow.' It only takes a couple of strokes to build up the colour and this one doesn't need sharpening either which is always a bonus. Benefit say you should use the pointed end to define the tail of your brow and I would say this is one of the quickest products to use out of this set.

Gimme Brow is essentially a mascara for your brows. I wasn't too sure I would be able to pull this product off at first because I thought maybe my own brows weren't in a strong enough shape for it to work but I was pleasantly surprised. Benefit say to stroke the brush tip along your brow to define the shape, brushing through to blend and build. The wand is tiny and the perfect size to adhere to skin and hairs creating a super natural look. I love the colour this product brings to my brows as well and how easy it is to use. The volumizing microfibre gel is perfect for use on it's own but I sometimes use it with one of the pencils to add a bit of a fluffy brow look to finish.

In this set you also get a full size dual use angled brow brush and spoolie which is great for extra precision and definition. The angled brow brush is perfect for applying powder. I feel like the key to amazing brows is brushing them through with a spoolie to get rid of harsh lines and blend the product in.


I love all of these products in this set and I'm most definitely sorted when it comes to my brows for quite a while! I think 'Magical Brow Stars' is such an amazing buy and gives you the chance to try a few different products to figure out what works best for you!

I'm going to get back into regular Blogging and posting on Insta from now on and I cant wait. One of my goals for the new year is going to be to post on here at least once a week and keep it as consistent as I can. My content from now on is going to be a mix of everything really from fashion to lifestyle to travel and I can't wait to get back into it all again.

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