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I was kindly gifted a few hair care products from System Professional via Zyper and I thought I would upload a little review on here. I've been testing these haircare products out for over a month now and I wanted to give them a good go before posting this.

My hair care game definitely wasn't on top form at the start of the year; I got super lazy and into the habit of grabbing whatever was on the side in the shower which never worked out well. My hair is prone to getting super frizzy but at the same time it can also go the other way and get really greasy too. I needed something that was able to handle my hair and that would actually agree with it.

System Professional have changed the game & they have such a wide range of products available. They have created a way for you to find the best products for your hair (& scalp) on their website (linked here!) They have recognised that no two people have the same hair type and it is as unique as your fingerprint. The feature on their website helps you find the best products to transform your hair care routine & I definitely recommend giving it a go.

Since using the System Professional [Energy Code Collection] I don't have to wash my hair half as often & the products leave my hair feeling super fresh for days. The products also smell amazing too which is always a bonus. I thought I would talk you through each product I got sent and let you know my thoughts.

This shampoo is a replenishing hair cleanser that helps to restore your hair. It helps regain a healthy PH in your hair and scalp and also contains Keratin & Wheat Germ oil to nourish & soften. I find a lot of shampoos make my hair feel like straw but this one doesn't.

I always double shampoo, I have found this makes your hair feel super clean and lathers up really well. Double shampooing also means you can wait longer before you have to wash your hair again which is always a bonus! I have been super impressed how much difference a good shampoo can make to the overall look and feel of your hair. It also works alongside the rest of the range to diminish the appearance of split ends which is amazing and makes all the difference.

I love a good repair mask and I find treating my hair in this way can really bring it back to life. The repair mask is super rich & nourishing which I love. It is designed to repair, protect, nourish & soften. This Repair Mask also helps prevent future damage and is especially good for tacking split ends & frizz which is exactly what I needed.

I tend to put this hair mask on and leave it for about 5-10 minutes while I'm getting on with the rest of my in- shower routine. If I have a bit more time to hop back in the shower later on I sometimes leave it on all day which also works nicely. This product would be amazing to travel with and would work wonders on holiday hair that has been exposed to too much chlorine, UV rays & sea salt.

I've been loving this product and use it every time I wash my hair. It nourishes my hair without making it look greasy like I've found other products have done in the past. I'm really bad for using heat protectant but this product can be used to protect your hair during a blow dry and against environmental pollutants you come across every day. It's super versatile and you can even use it as a touch up to dry ends on the go.

Perfect Ends helps to calm flyaways and reduce frizz; it also restores strands and keeps my hair hydrated and full of shine too.

I usually avoid hairsprays as I hate how crispy they make my fave feel but I love this one. It has a medium hold and it smells amazing and also cares for your hair too. It can be sprayed on to wet or dry hair and it sets in 60 seconds which allows you to tweak and style your hair in that time.

This product protects against humidity & photo ageing which is amazing, it is also strengthening too. The formula also utilises creative code technology which is inspired by CC cream to give the hair a boost of energy when styling as well.

It is also very easy to brush out which is always always good. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new hairspray to try out. I have been using this religiously as part of my hair care routine and I have noticed a huge difference to the finish of my hair, I'm super impressed.

I absolutely love the System Professional range and they are definitely something I will be purchasing in the future as a good hair care routine & products make such a difference.

It has been a bit of a while since I uploaded a blog post or posted much on my insta but I'll be back posting very soon & I might even upload a life update too.

Thanks for reading,
Until next time
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