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It has been a bit of a while since I have uploaded a post on here, I didn't plan on having a break but life just kind of got in the way. I will probably be uploading some kind of life update post in the very near future but I thought I would come back with a post all about the Dripping Gold fake tan I've been using recently!

I love testing out new products and I uploaded a post last Summer all about Isle Of Paradise tan which I have linked here incase you wanted to check that out. I was thinking of doing more beauty reviews in general in the future and I really want to try Loving Tan & St.Tropez too so watch this space!

Dripping Gold is an Irish brand and all of their products are made in Ireland and are vegan & cruelty free which is amazing. I have seen Dripping Gold tanning products all over Instagram and I really wanted to see what the brand was all about. Over the past month I have been trying out the Ultra Dark Mousse & Wonder Water Facial Mist. I picked these products up from Beauty Bay but you can order direct from their website & they have just announced selected Primark stores stock their products as well which is super handy.

As I'm quite pale I did second guess my decision to order ultra dark at first but I'm so glad I did! This tan is such a gorgeous colour and it doesn't look orange on the skin at all which is so important. The colour pay off will vary a bit depending on how long you leave it on for, I always sleep in it to give the product as much time as possible to develop.

This tanning mousse is so easy to apply, it goes on so nicely and it blends so well. It also doesn't transfer, feel sticky on the skin or smell like biscuits. It's unusual to find a fake tan like this that ticks all the boxes.

Dripping Gold gives your skin such an amazing glow and it is really hydrating which is something I was very impressed with. It contains Hyaluronic Acid (alongside other vitamins & extracts) which is super nourishing and great for dry skin.

This tan fades so evenly and it doesn't go patchy like so many other tanning products I've tried. If I forget to moisturise my skin it is still super hydrated and glowy which is amazing. After the 5th-7th day mark I remove the remaining tan and start again to keep it looking as fresh as possible. Because the tan doesn't go patchy I think you could always top it up a few days in if you feel like you need to.

To get rid of my tan I have been applying coconut oil to my skin which I find breaks the tan down. I then leave the coconut oil on for 5-10 minutes and then hop into the shower and scrub it all off. I sometimes use an exfoliator after I've done this to make sure the tan is all off but I definitely recommend exfoliating gloves. I do want to try the Dripping Gold Tan Remover and I will be ordering some really soon. All in all I managed to get six applications out of the bottle of this tanning mousse which for me is pretty good going as I don't exactly use my tan sparingly.

I think the key to smooth application is getting a good tanning mitt & at the moment I am loving this one. It is velvety, double sided and washable and I think it makes all the difference to the way the tan goes on. I have used cheaper ones in the past but I just ended up spending more replacing them after every application and the tan always used to seep through so it just wasn't worth it!

I always used to struggle with application on my hands but I've finally learnt the best way to do it. I literally use the remaining tan on the mit and gently sweep it over, it's quite surprising how much is still on there. I then go in with a wet wipe to get rid of any excess on my palms & finger nails. Another good way around the hand tanning situation is mixing a pump of mousse with some moisturiser on your mit and applying it to your hands with a buffing brush.

The Dripping Gold Mousse can be used on your face with a mitt or foundation brush but at the moment I have been using the Wonder Water Facial Mist instead.

When I ordered this product I could only get hold of the Light- Medium shade but it comes in Medium- Dark too. Even though it is the lighter shade it works really well for me even alongside the Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse. I can happily go out with no makeup if I've got this on, it just takes the edge off how pale I normally am and brings me back to life!

Wonder Water doesn't dry my skin out or sink into my pores either. I was super impressed with how well it evens out my skin tone too as I have a bit of redness on my cheeks. When I've got fake tan on I tend to apply this product every other night after my skincare routine. It develops in 4-6 hours and you can also put it on in the morning alone or let it develop under makeup too.

This product has such a nice scent, it's quite tropical and smells like Summer. I've got so much use out of it and it's barely gone down. For application I spray it directly on to a makeup brush and put it on that way. I have quite fair hair so I always pop some kind of a barrier on my brows (usually Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream or Vaseline) to stop them from going orange. This mist has become one of my favourite products and I will 100% be repurchasing when I've run out.

I am super impressed with Dripping Gold and there are so many other products I want try. I've got my eyes on the fake tanning lotion and they have just launched one in 'Ultra Dark' so I'm definitely going to be ordering that soon. I'm also going on holiday in October and I cannot wait to take Dripping Gold products away with me as I do not tan naturally.

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